Monday, September 19, 2011

Black Tea Blend: Supreme Breakfast (caffeinated)

I realized that the water I'm using is not hot enough! I had to microwave my mug in order to get it to the proper boiling point, 212F. I also wasn't brewing long enough; five minutes is what Harney & Sons recommends. I really enjoyed the aroma from the Supreme Breakfast, although it was a bit smokier than I expected. Milk didn't improve this tea, instead masking the interesting flavors.

Friday September 16: it's a beautiful bright sunny cool Fall day here in New York. I had a shortbread biscuit with this tea and felt glorious; caffeine hit was 9 out of 10, bringing me to the edge of nervous trembles.

I appreciate tea, and I enjoy writing about it, but I know when to step back and allow the words of another, truer believer to carry the day. This is from "Ryan B" at the Harney & Sons website comments:

"Supreme Breakfast is a very full-bodied, well-rounded blend. I find that it requires neither milk nor sugar to be fully enjoyed, though a very conservative amount of either is fine. In general I find Assam teas to be very round, earthy, soft, straightforward and robust, whereas Keemun teas have a thinner, darker, dryer, more rigid yet subtler character, occasionally too astringent for my taste. Supreme Breakfast is an excellent combination of these two teas. The hearty Assam softens the rigidity of the Keemun, removes its slight smokiness and rounds its edges without overwhelming its more subtle flavor, and the piercing quality of the Keemun cuts through the Assam’s simple, almost corpulent body to add a more nuanced taste and a much more interesting finish than either tea has on its own. It’s as if the Keemun is providing mature guidance and structure to the jolly, playful Assam in a shared quest to overwhelm your taste buds with flavor and depth. I highly recommend this tea."

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