Monday, September 19, 2011

Black Tea Blend: East Frisian (caffeinated)

East Friesland Tea Museum
East Friesland is a region of northwestern Germany that drinks a lot of tea. They have a tea museum, a river called Ems, and earlier this year I dated a fellow named Frisch (a good old Saxon surname), so I wanted to try this tea.

I  brewed this tea using the office coffee machine's hot water spigot, and brewed the tea for four minutes. The result was a beautiful light tea that reminded me of all the good parts of a beer and a pastry and warmed my stomach at the same time.

Thursday, September 15 was a weird day weather-wise in NYC; it started as summer, warm and humid, and then after a brief midday rain shower the temperature plummeted to 60F under dark grey skies and brisk winds. I appreciated this tea, and my emergency office sweater, greatly today.

Fun page about East Friesland and their tea culture (stirring is verboten!):

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